This past Friday Opinno celebrated its eleventh anniversary. With a get together at the office we celebrated one more year in business doing what we love.

Our founder, Pedro Moneo, shared some moving words recounting the history of Opinno and where it is headed.Tommaso Canonici, Europe Manager Director finalized the event by sharing the new slogan, One Team, One Dream, One Big Opinno. In addition, some of Opinno senior employees spoke about their journey with the company and the great feeling of being part of one big family.  

Opinno is a global innovation consultancy whose mission is to generate impact through innovation. Opinno was born in Silicon Valley at the end of 2008, overlapping with the downfall of Lehman Brothers and the start of the economic crisis. This date is symbolic as it marks the beginning of a deep transformation in all sectors that have not yet been digitized and a time when innovation finally became a strategic asset for all companies.

In Spain we are one of the leading and largest independent innovation consultancies, with more than 200 consultants specialized in: open innovation, corporate venture building, product and service design, human centered design, advanced technological developments and cultural/corporate transformation.

As the company was raised in an environment of high uncertainty, we were able to build an efficient, agile and resilient organization that is very focused on the customers. For us, new companies are the organizations that best represent these values, hence our philosophy that we always take to our customers: "When it comes to innovation, every company is a startup”

Opinno has six areas plus an entire ecosystem behind it. This ecosystem has great experts in innovation and technology from all over the world, thanks, in part, to the fact that we are editors of the Spanish magazine MIT Technology Review and are in charge of organizing the Innovators Under 35 awards in Europe and Latam.

Opinno Anniversary

What we do

-We create corporate strategies for innovation and cultural transformations. Designing new products and disruptive services tailored to our clients.

-Build and support these products and services at the technological level

-Create and connect communities and tribes through events, contests, and an innovation ecosystem.

-Teach digital technical knowledge and develop innovation skills, both in face-to-face and digital formats.

-Launch spin-outs, new business initiatives and invest in third party projects

-Create sustainable business models through social impact and environmental projects (

During these years, we have received recognition and support from organizations such as the World Economic Forum, which named our founder Young Young Leader 2016, Eisenhower Fellowships, made him an Innovation Fellow in 2014 and the Aspen Institute, which distinguished him as an Adler Fellow in 2016

In short, Opinno is an end-to-end consultant, not only do we do consulting services to the use, but it goes to the end, gives you a complete solution. We have a forward looking approach, always thinking on the next step for the years to come.