Legal Notice

Identification of the website owner

This Legal Notice regulates the use of the website, which Opinno ® makes available to Internet users

Opinno ® is the brand owned by Entrepreneur Capital, S.L.Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, in Volume 24.103, Folio 44, Section 8, Leaf number M-433093, Registration 1a.

with registered office on the street crossing by Navaluenga 38, Majadahonda-Madrid

For direct and effective communication with Opinno, the email address is

Online contact form:

The simple access, navigation and use of the Opinno website, attributes the user status of it and implies the knowledge and full acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice and published at any timeOn the Opinno website.The user should carefully read this legal notice on each of the occasions when it is proposed to use the Opinan website, since this and its use conditions collected in this Legal Notice may suffer modifications during its validity.

Some Opinion website services accessible to Internet users or exclusive users can be subject to particular conditions, regulations and instructions that, where appropriate, they replace, complete and / or modify this noticeLegal and that should be accepted by the user actively and unequivocally, which will serve as a qualificant title for the use of their data in accordance with the purposes reported in their case before the corresponding service.

The user undertakes to make an adequate use of the website in accordance with current laws and regulations, good faith, public order, traffic uses and in accordance with the content of this Legal Notice.The user will respond to the opinion, or against third parties, of the damages that could cause themselves as a result of non-compliance with this obligation.

Access and general conditions of use of the Web

2.1.The access and use of the website and all the subdomains and directories included in it (hereinafter referred to as collectively as Web) are subject to the terms established in this Legal Notice.

2.2.The object is intended to provide information about its corporate activities and the services it offers.With this website, Opinina aims to offer a useful service, so users' suggestions are welcome.But if you do not agree with any of the conditions contained in this notice, you should stop using this web page.Access to it involves acceptance of them without reservations.The use of certain services offered on this site will also be governed by the particular conditions foreseen in each case, which will be accepted by the mere use of such services.

2.3.For the purposes of this Legal Notice, Web is understood, the information shown and / or transmitted (including, as a merely enunciative and non-limiting, texts, comments, news, video, sounds, clips, images, databases,Multimedia products, photographs, artistic actions, productions and, in general, those other creations or content expressed by any means and / or tangible or intangible support, currently known or that is invested in the future, whether or not to be protected by legal systemIn terms of intellectual property, industrial or analogous rights – consisted collectively as “content”) – which, for its selection or disposal, constitutes a protected intellectual creation in accordance with Article 12 of the Reinforced Text of the Law on Intellectual Property.

2.4.Any entry, use or navigation on this website or its content will involve the acceptance of these conditions of use.Opinno may modify these conditions of use at any time.Opinno can modify this website and its contents at any time without prior notice and will update them periodically.

2.5.The user expressly accepts and without exceptions that the access and use of this website and the contents of it is carried out under the sole and exclusive responsibility of him before the Opinnos and any third party.

2.6.Access to this website is free, except in the areas of restricted access, and its visualization and use does not require a subscription, registration or prior contracting.

2.7.The user undertakes to make a diligent and correct use of the Web.The user undertakes to use the contents of the website in accordance with the Law and this Legal Notice, as well as with the other conditions, regulations and instructions that may apply.

Opinno reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the content of the portal, the links or the information obtained through it, without prior notice.

Likewise, the user undertakes not to use it: (i) to carry out activities contrary to law, morality, good accepted customs or public order established and (ii) for illicit, prohibited or injury purposes ofRights and interests of third parties, declining Opinno Any responsibility that from all the above could be derived.

with merely enunciative character, the user in accordance with the current legislation should refrain from

a) Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available, publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the contents, except in cases authorized by law or expressly spoiled by Opinnos or by the owner of exploitation rights, depending on thecase.

b) Reproduce or copy for private use the contents that can be considered as articles, publications, logos, software, etc.In accordance with current legislation on intellectual property, as well as their public communication or making available to third parties when these acts necessarily imply reproduction by the user or a third party.

c) Extract and / or reuse all or a substantial part of the contents.

2.8.Opinno is not responsible for the opinions discharged by third parties through the tools that it has or will have in the future for this purpose, nor from the contents of the web pages linked through these tools.

2.9.Opinno will ensure that the contents of this website are not pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist or that do not encourage violence.

2.10.The alteration of this website is prohibited by the user in everything that may affect its content, such as links, links or similar.

2.11.The User acknowledges that this one does not give up or transfer the user any right on the web or content, as well as on the registered trademarks that appear in it, including the properties of third parties.Opinno only authorizes the user to access them and use them in accordance with the terms indicated in this Legal Notice.Specifically, Opinno authorizes users to access and navigate the Web and access the contents that are incorporated in it.

2.12.The user will not be authorized to copy, distribute (including emails and Internet), transmit, communicate, modify, alter, transform, yield, or, in any other way to deploy activities that involve a commercial or illicit use of the web or content orElements that integrate it, partially or totally.

2.13.The information disseminated by this medium is made by informative, the right to eliminate or suspend its diffusion, totally or partially, and to modify the structure and content of the portal without prior notice, being able to limit or not allow access to said information.The objective is to maintain the quality and update of this information and avoid and minimize the possible errors caused by technical failures.

However, Opin is not guaranteed that this access can not be interrupted or affected by these failures.Opinno reserves the power to carry out, at any time and without the need for notice, modifications and updates of the information contained on this website or in the configuration and presentation of it.


The contents and services offered by Opinnos are legal, informative and informative, can not be rated as inappropriate for any reason for minors.

The use of the services available on this website by minors requires that they have previously obtained the authorization of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be considered legal responsible for the acts performed by the minors tooffice.

Legal representatives of minors are fully responsible for access to Internet content and services by said minors.

Opinno informs you that there are computer programs that allow you to filter and block access to certain content and services, parental control, to limit access to content


3.1.Links to third party content on the web

This website may contain links or links to other portals or websites not managed by Opinnos.Opinno states that it does not exercise any control over these portals or websites, nor is it responsible for the content of them.The links that this website could contain will be offered, solely, as an informative references, whose purpose is to facilitate access to other content that are considered of interest.

Opinnos does not assume any direct or indirect responsibility in relation to the liability, veracity, utility, quality or reliability of content that are not directly managed or controlled by them, although they can be accessible through the web.

3.2. Links to the contents of the portal from websites of third parties

It is strictly forbidden to establish links to the portal from web pages that contain materials, information or illegal, illegal, degrading, obscene and, in general, to contravene morality, public order or social norms accepted.

Reproduction on third-party pages of the portal content, its inclusion as part of your website or within one of your frames or the creation of a browser, will require the prior and express authorization of Opinno.

The inclusion in third-party pages of the brand, denomination, trade name, label, logo, slogan or any other type of identifying element of opinion and / or portal will require the prior and express authorization of Opinnum.

Intellectual and industrial property

4.1.Opinno reserves the intellectual property rights of the web on the elements that make up the visual appearance, graphic image and other sensory stimuli of the web pages that compose it;the navigation architecture;the source codes of web pages;Photographs, recordings, computer programs (hereinafter, “software”), databases, technology, know-how, brands, distinctive signs and logos.

4.2.Own content and works reproduced on this website owned by Opinnos are protected by intellectual property regulations.It is prohibited its total or partial reproduction except in the cases and with the limits that expressly authorize.

Thus, the use of all the contents of the Web is subject to the following conditions:

(i) Only the personal and non-commercial use of the Vesto property content for informative, informative or commercial purposes is authorized.Users must quote in all cases the author and the source of the materials used for authorized personal and educational use, with express mention to the URL of this website.The use of this page and its content, as here is authorized, is free;

(ii) Users are expressly authorized to visualize the information and items it contains, and to download them or reproduce them privately in their computer systems, unless expressly indicated otherwise.

(iii) Users who access this page are not authorized to assign, distribute or disseminate the opinion-owned items contained on this page, or send them by email for different purposes.To those authorized in this legal notice, nor to modify them or alter them in any way.

(iv) Opinno will put the material and legal means necessary to avoid unwanted inclusion on this web page of elements that can be introduced in it by third parties to the Opininess against the provisions of this Legal Notice and its usesauthorized;

(v) Opinno may deny access to this page to any user who introduces in the same unauthorized, illegal or susceptible content, reserving the right to exercise relevant legal actions in this case, including the withdrawal, toSubsequently or its moderation and / or editing.Opinno will collaborate in any case with the authorities in the identification of those who could introduce or attempt to introduce such content;

(vi) Opinno responds uniquely and exclusively from the content of this web page that has its origin in the same opinion, and in no case of content that have been introduced by unauthorized third parties;

(VII) Opinno reserves exclusively the exercise of exploitation rights of its intellectual property on this website, in any of its modalities, and especially the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, without prejudiceof the rights that may correspond to the authors of the works reproduced on this page.

4.3.Regarding the appointments of products and / or services of third parties, Opinno recognizes in favor of its holders the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights, not involving their only mention or appearance on the Web the existence of rights or responsibility for them.As well as no endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation, unless thus specifically specifies.

4.4.The User recognizes and accepts that, on the Web, rights are protected by the applicable legislation on intellectual, industrial property, exploitation rights of the commercial and advertising value of the image and other analogous rights.

4.5.The unauthorized use of the information contained in this website, as well as the injury of the intellectual or industrial property rights of Opinnos, will lead to legally established responsibilities.

4.6.It is up to the opinion of the exclusive exercise of the exploitation rights of the same in any form and, in particular, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication (in any of its forms) and transformation of the contents that are of your property.

4.7.Opinno and the opinion logo are Entrepreneur Capital S.L brands, as well as signs, distinctive signs or logos.The use of these brands requires the express authorization of Opinnos, as well as a lending agreement expressly agreed upon by the parties.The unauthorized use of these brands or other trademarks could be subject to judicial or extrajudicial claim

Limitation of responsibility

5.1.However, it does not assume any responsibility derived from the connection or contents of the links of third parties and / or performed by third parties referred to on the Web.

5.2.Both access to this website and the use that can be made of the information contained in it is the exclusive responsibility of the one who does it.The user will be responsible for all the actions performed in the navigation that does in it, as well as the custody of their access keys.

5.3.Opinno has adopted reasonable policies regarding the security of the website, although it does not assume any responsibility for the possible safety errors that may be produced by the possible damage that may cause the user's computer system (hardware and software),To the files or documents stored therein, as a result of the presence of viruses on the user's computer used for connection to the content of the web, a malfunction of the browser or the use of unplaced versions thereof.Opinno does not guarantee the absence of errors in accessing this website, in its content, nor that it is updated, although it will develop its best efforts to, where appropriate, avoid them, correct them or update them.

5.4.Opinno is not responsible for the damages and / or losses of any nature that the user or a third derivatives of them could suffer:

(i) The lack of availability, maintenance or effective operation of the Web or its contents;

(ii) the lack of use, veracity, adequacy or validity of the website or its contents to meet the needs or expectations of the user;

(iii) that a third party, breaking the established security measures, use the web, its contents for virus remission, or is committed to performing an unauthorized treatment of stored data;

(iv) nor, in general, of any use of the web and / or the contents that the user or a third party can do, contrary to the conditions of access and use of it established in this document.

Cookies policy

6.1.Cookies, depending on who serves them, can be divided between own cookies, served by this page, and third-party cookies, served by other websites or services.Next, we inform about cookies served by this page and how to disable them, and the consequences of this action.

6.2.Cookies of the Site

Session cookies: allow you to know the navigation experience and expire when the user closes the browser.Personal data are not stored.

Registration cookies: Registry cookies are generated once the user has registered or has then opened its session and is used to identify you with the services with the following objectives:

– Keep the user identified.

– Check if the user is authorized to access certain services

6.3.Third-party cookies

Cookies used by external content supplements: This website uses Google Maps to see geographic locations (our offices).Its use involves the remission of two cookies (EmpiR and NID) managed entirely by Google.

6.4.How to disable cookies

As an additional guarantee to the previous one, the record of our cookies may be subject to acceptance of them by the user during the installation or update of the browser used, being able to revoke such acceptance at any time through the options ofConfiguration of content and privacy available.

Normally it is possible to stop accepting the browser cookies, or stop accepting the cookies of a certain service.All modern browsers allow changing the configuration of cookies.These settings are usually found in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of your browser.

The user will find the steps to access the setup menu of the cookies and, where appropriate, to private navigation in each of the main browsers in the following instructions and URLs:

– Internet Explorer: Tools – Internet options – Privacy – &Setting.For more information, you can check Microsoft support or browser support.

– Firefox: Tools – Options – Privacy – History – Custom settings.For more information, you can check the Mozilla Support or browser support.

– Chrome: Configuration – Show advanced options – Privacy – Content settings.For more information, you can check Google's attendance service or browser support.

– Safari: Preferences – Security.For more information, you can check the Apple support service or browser support.ç

7. Antispam policy

People who receive any of the Electronic Communications, Information, Bulletins or Advertising of Opinno receive them for the following reasons:

– by check-in from this page.

– through online registration from the pages of the collaborators.

– by request for information about our products and services.

– For having provided your information to any of our employees or collaborators.

– Por registro offline al rellenar formularios, boletines, solicitudes, etc.,

Our communications do not want to reach any person who does not want, for that, and in order to correct the situation that can sometimes be given that someone can register another without their consent, we have incorporated this subscription systemA filter based on a “non-contact list” that prevents you from registering to any email address included in it.

Therefore, if you do not want to receive our communications ever and prevent someone from registering against your will, send us an email at indicating in the matter: “Low list” and we will include in the “List ofContacts “The address from which this email is sent.

Irregularity report

To report irregularities in compliance with this legal notice or any other applicable regulations, the following e-mail address is available:

Regulation and conflict resolution

These conditions of use of the website are governed in each and every one of its ends by Spanish law.The drafting language and interpretation of this legal notice is Spanish.This legal notice will not be filed individually for each user, but will remain accessible through the Internet on this website.

Whenever the user is not a consumer or user, and there is no need for the opposite, the parties agree to submit to the courts and courts of Madrid, because this is the place of celebration of the contract, with an express waiver to any otherI could be able to correspond.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law.For the resolution of all disputes or issues related to this website or with the activities developed in it, Opinion and the User, with express waiver to any other jurisdiction, they accept as a leading legislation of these conditions La Española, and for the resolutionof how many controversies or litigation they may arise

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