Genewin is an initiative driven by Endeavor, Fundación Transforma Spain, shuttle, Telefónica Techcity, South Summit, Barcelona Techcity and Opinno whose objective is: propose from civil society Innovative ideas to the country to favor recovery at such a complex moment.

The specific objectives of the initiative are:

  • Gather +100 institutions from different sectors in a collaborative process
  • Work around 6 large macro themes of impact at the national level
  • Generate +30 ideas for the reactivation of Spain
  • In influence stakeholders positively that can start them, with special attention to the Government of Spain and the European Commission

Mobility table, Infrastructure and Smart Cities


Propose from civil society initiatives that favor mobility, infrastructures and the development of SMART CITIES, putting special emphasis on digitization as a motor of change to improve service and sustainability throughout the system.

The discussions will rotate around the following 6 main thematic, according to the strategic priorities framed in the pillars of Next Generation EU:

General objective

Pose concrete initiatives that allow influencing, from civil society, about the forms of action of the administration and the Decision Makers and in particular the Ministry of Transport, Mobility andUrban Agenda and the counselors of the different autonomous communities.

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