Opinno Impact Report 202

This year, we have continued to adapt to a new reality that has sped up the digitization of business processes globally. 

It has been a year full of achievements and in which we have seen sustained growth across all our business sectors. However, this report does not focus so much on the figures, but rather on the Impact Model we have created for our clients, the industry and society. 

This model evaluates our strategic initiatives and their impact on all our stakeholders. As you know, our mission is to generate impact through innovation and help improve the world. 

At Opinno, impact and sustainability represent the same concept that encompasses good governance practices, ethical use of technology, caring for our customers, investors, and creditors, and improving people's experience, which are the cornerstones of our Impact Model. 

Once again, this year we have confirmed that measuring numbers is not enough to understand the real impact of our activity. Thank you for joining us in this adventure that we will continue in 2022, confident that generating impact through innovation will be the key to successfully navigating the new reality.

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