The current coronavirus epidemic has already led to containment measures across the globe, forcing citizens to stay at home and companies to adopt remote working formulas whenever possible. In this context, companies not only require tools to maintain the effectiveness of their daily work in remote, they also need strategies capable of keeping alive the relationship with their stakeholders without relying on physical presence. Some will be better prepared as they have experience in this type of initiative, but a confinement of this magnitude and a change so drastic that it affects all sectors forces us to rethink the way we communicate.

Digital channels of communication, such as newsletters, corporate blogs and social networks, have become increasingly recurrent corporate communication channels. However, either these channels are not always sufficient or have not been designed to meet the emotional objectives of certain face-to-face milestones, such as training, meetings and events.

In this context, in Opinno we want to put our experience in corporate innovation at the service of the business world to analyze the challenges of communicating and relating 100% remotely and offer methodologies and tools that help companies overcome this crisis without losing competitiveness. We will explain how to maintain the emotional connection and common purpose with all the people who participate in the activity of an organization, even if we cannot be in the same location. The main objective of this report is to define a methodology that allows companies to design relational and communication alternatives with their stakeholders that do not require physical presence.

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