There seems to be no halt to progress. Demands made on the business sector are switching to the demands made by users: companies need to be able to serve and incorporate user behaviour on all platforms. How we observe and learn from users are key processes which allow us to optimize what we do at Opinno quickly and efficiently.

Business knowledge today is generated from within individual companies; it also comes from those outside: from users in other organizations. This new system or production of knowledge is an opportunity for any company, and recruitment of personnel is a sure road towards the utilization of this resource. It is this which puts companies on the road towards innovation.


We at Opinno have created a specialized platform that designs programs to meet the demands of this situation: it takes the ideas and objectives of private companies and public bodies and puts them in contact with the talent they seek.

What the Challenges Platform proposes is a new strategy towards innovation. It allows companies to surpass their former limits and provides contact with the kinds of cooperation and co-working they need from other organizations and professionals.


  • This platform allows for the recruitment of requisite and talented individuals for specific work contexts.

  • Challenges provides a communicative environment in which key social skills such as collaboration and teamwork are fostered. This helps to promote networking between organizations and their participants.

  • The platform encourages a spirit of research and innovation; it also encourages technological solutions for companies that deliver real impact as a result.

  • The platform encourages the development of entrepreneurial skills through engagement with peers in a collaborative learning environment.

  • It fosters the discovery of new skills in the individual, which in turn produces innovative interaction between participants in situ.

  • With this platform young talent is stimulated, a factor that drives the reputation of companies as leading organizations in the field of innovation.

  • Challenges promotes the birth of new projects, new companies and business opportunities.

  • Challenges values and promotes positive and dynamic directions for the job market of both students and professionals.

With the Opinno Challenges Platform companies will be able to explore innovative business solutions to all aspects of human resources: new directions in ways of working, discovering new talent and innovative new training techniques and environments.

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At  Opinno we help companies identify and respond to the main challenges they face in business by designing specialized value proposals accordingly.