Opinno is a global innovation company founded in Silicon Valley in 2008 that transforms organizations through the use of innovative methodologies designed by entrepreneurs 

We are one of the leading innovation consulting firms, specialized in designing innovation and digital strategies, cultural and corporate transformation, implementing new ways of working (digitalization, Agile, Lean), digital product and service design, digital workforce reskilling, prototyping, design and implementation of open innovation strategies. Our portfolio combines creativity, business acumen and technical skills in order to offer support to our clients in the following areas:

  • Open Innovation: To identify the latest trends and think creatively
  • Transformation: To provide our clients with strategic vision and help them best prepare their organizations for change
  • Venture Building: To establish a process that allows us to validate market concepts and launch new companies in record time, helping organizations to overcome their business challenges
  • Technology: To build the necessary technical infrastructure on which the organization, its products and services will be built upon

Within each of these areas, we have developed a number of disciplines dedicated to improving our service offerings 


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