We welcome you to our Report Channel

We encourage you to communicate any suspicion or certainty of misconduct through this Channel, maintaining the anonymity and complete confidentiality of the communicator throughout the entire process and management of the complaint.

Content of the report

Clear and detailed statement of the facts

  • Place / work center or department where the events occurred.
  • When the events occurred.
  • Person/s involved
  • Date of the facts
  • Documentation related to the facts.
  • Actions taken

How do we handle your complaint?

In accordance with current legislation, OPINNO will carry out an initial assessment of the information reported to determine whether it is suitable to be handled through the Channel. In order for you to follow up on your report, you may indicate an e-mail address at the bottom of the form to which we can send you a link to follow up on the incident. With that same link, you should access the case follow-up enabled on the page in order to include additional information or to receive answers on the progress and processing of the case. OPINNO, always through the Channel, will inform you on the progress of the management.


The tool allows the option of filing a complaint anonymously, so your anonymity will be maintained, unless you provide personal information voluntarily, in which case, it will be completely confidential.

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