Corporate Transformation

We help transform organizations, building an innovative vision of the future, adapting culture to the digital economy’s new rules of the game and reinventing processes and ways of working to help our clients become agile, more entrepreneurial, and closer to their customers

Corporate Transformation English

Innovation Strategy and Future Foresight 

Changes to the market pose major challenges for organizations and force them to question traditional business models. We help companies to create their vision for “innovation” and future business strategies with a focus on growth and business evolution.

  • Innovation and intrapreneurship models. We define processes, tools and channels for corporate innovation management. We implement intrapreneurship models that accompany cultural transformation and involve teams in internal innovation processes
  • New business models. We explore the market and analyze technological trends that allow us to identify opportunities for diversifying or improving the current value proposition
  • A vision for the company's future. We consider different scenarios based on disruptive and fast-growing trends that represent future opportunities to position the organization in adjacent markets and “Blue Oceans”
  • Implementation roadmap. To align the shared version for innovation and the future with a detailed plan for the management and allocation of resources required to implement the strategy

Digital and Agile Transformation 

We accompany cultural transformation processes by identifying the way to achieve the desired transformation, knowing how to do so and being capable of executing it

  • Strategy and roadmap. We develop an understanding of the organization's culture and challenges in order to create an aligned vision and establish a Transformation Plan with initiatives ranging from building visibility to implementing new tools and skill
  • Employee values and behaviour. Build the framework of values and behaviours of the organization's employees, always in line with the cultural codes of the organization
  • Launching initiatives. We define initiatives suh as viralization programs, gamification and training plans that reinforce “wanting to transform”, “knowing how to do so” and “being able to achieve it”

Culture and Engagement 

We help companies move from a focus on resource efficiency to a focus on value optimization through the implementation of Lean and Agile philosophies and frameworks 

  • Awareness of the Agile philosophy. To train the organization's leadership ranks in order to establish a change in mindset and align with the Agile transformation principles
  • Agile model and strategic vision. Definig the organization's Lean-Agile vision, identifying value chains and the teams involved in each of them and establishing a general implementation plan
  • Supporting agile teams. Follow-up and knowledge transfer for the development of projects in Agile and Kanban for BAU (business as usual) management
  • Scaling Agile at an organizational level. Implement the structure, tools and mechanisms of Agile scaling to meet the new management and relationship needs between the teams/areas that are being transformed, centralizing the portfolios and facilitating the prioritization of initiatives in the organization
  • Impact and progess of the transformation in the organization. Measure and track the maturity of roles and teams in Agile pilots and identify the impact of Agile transformation on corporate results
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