At Opinno we understand impact with global scope that encompasses different points of view beyond the environmental one. Aligned with ESG criteria, our vision includes social aspects and transparent corporate governance. For this reason, since 2022 we are part of the BCorp community, which certifies our commitment to maximise the value we bring to our ecosystem.

Most organisations are making progress in implementing sustainable measures, but very few are redesigning their business models to achieve global goals. This is where innovation and sustainability come together to achieve corporate goals.

All of our work is driven by the key principle of making a positive impact. 

  • Sustainability is the first step on which we all must stand. Our main objective is to minimise the negative impact that our activities have on the environment.
  • We believe in and are committed to achieving a circular economy. We seek to ensure that this negative impact does not occur by separating the creation of value from the extraction of resources from the planet.
  • Finally, we want our activities to contribute to the recovery of ecosystems thanks to the regenerative economy.
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