The world is experiencing an increasingly accelerated change, where technology, innovation and entrepreneurship are key to the survival and competitiveness of companies.

Specifically, in the logistics and packaging sector, technological advances are transforming the sector, making it more digital and sustainable. In this context it is necessary to be connected to the innovation and technological ecosystem. It is key to capture the trends and areas of market opportunity for reusable packaging companies, to be at the forefront in one of the sectors that is currently undergoing a major transformation.

Our challenge was to accompany our client in the different stages of defining their innovation model and for this, our consultants considered to meet the following objectives:

Define the innovation strategy of Logifruit, with the design of its innovation model as well as its own innovation process that includes innovation methodologies focused on the client.

Accompany Logifruit in its first steps towards innovation, with a clear methodology that demonstrates the effectiveness of the new process throughout the organization

Conduct an analysis of the most relevant technological trends and startups in the sector, and detect potential opportunities for Logifruit

After several months of work we defined the roadmap of execution of all the tactical activities to create the innovation model of said company. In a short period of time, we aligned the innovation visions of the entire company management and managed to move from paper to practice with a 6-month action plan ready to be implemented and obtain results in the short term.