A major German company in the electricity sector contacted Opinno to decide on the overall talent attraction strategy and create an employer brand proposal that ensures access to the best talent.

Time flexibility, car parks, dining space or coffee are no longer enough extras to attract the worker and ensure their satisfaction at work.

for this reason, our consultants set out three key objectives for creating an employer brand:

1. Identify motivations for different current and potential employee profiles

2. Co-create disruptive solutions to meet identified needs

3. Prioritize the solutions to be implemented in the short term


During the execution of the project, co-creation sessions were held where the employees of the company, together with the consultants, obtained ideas to create an attractive employer brand, some of the ideas were:

Redesign of employees on board
Team building activities
Communicating the company's values through social networks
They also designed an implementation roadmap to create a global employer brand that attracts profiles from both Latin America and the Asian market.