Video-soundbites para la entrada de los trabajadores bancarios en la esfera digital

The bank believes a large part of this vision comes down to employees accepting the idea of lifelong learning and professional development, a response to the ever-evolving state of new digital technologies and the need for employees to work alongside them.

Using the novel format of video-soundbites the bank presented a succinct appraisal of 8 different professional competencies it considers to be among the most pertinent for employees to successfully adapt to both the actual and emergent process of digitalization in the company. The objective is to make the concept of innovation as natural for its employees as any erstwhile ideas about banking from the pre-digital age.

Plus there were a few more objectives:

Give employees general information about digital tools at their disposal in the most accessible form possible, tools that will allow them to manage the process of digitalization and how it affects them in their jobs.

Organize the training information into readily-absorbable chunks to avoid information overload and keep matters focused on the employees themselves.

Simultaneous to this, however, a key part of the bank’s strategy for its employees was to communicate the drive needed to meet the demands of innovation and digital transformation at the bank. Employees need to assimilate the idea and sustain the energy to meet these new rigors.

And the impact the training had for the bank? Over 1,000 employees were shown the video-soundbites containing the 8 competencies which the institution had outlined as being the most important. Among these were competencies like online leadership, online client care, and digital subject knowledge.