In an increasingly competitive environment, companies in the logistics sector are in a period of uncertainty.  Redefining the business of physical, digital, and parcel communications has become more a necessity than a mere differentiating factor. Innovation plays a key role in the design of this new business strategy.

We have developed a training and development program to train employees of a courier company in Spain in terms of innovation and other corporate values ​​of the company. Our program highlights the digitalization and commitment to the client, with the aim of implementing a methodology of Agile work that allows staff to develop innovative projects that generate an impact on the organization's income statement.

The objectives of the project were to identify the profile of the personnel to form an Innovation Team and to learn methodologies, tools, and skills of an innovation process.

The project was carried out in two phases, the first phase consisted of selecting and training the Innovation Team. The teams consisted of 25 people who ranged in their innovative capacities, participation, team development, as well as in agile methodologies for the application of innovation focused on the user.

The next phase was the development of innovative projects based on strategic challenges of the company. Methodology and innovative tools learned in the training process were applied.