Photo: The Innovation Wave. Credit: Pexels

In order to advance in the cultural transformation of the health ecosystem, the company has taken one more step in this direction through the creation of the Innovation Wave program.

It is a digital transformation movement conceived to row in the same direction with health professionals, facilitating through an inspiring and disruptive training program, which are the engines of this digital evolution.

“From the first moment we assume the commission to start the Innovation Wave as an exercise of trust and recognition by Novartis,” says Marta González, head of the Project in Opinin.”It was about activating this movement in a month and a half, occupying the creation of content, the selection of higher level speakers and the application of agile methodologies throughout the process, including the creation of an event as an output pistol.”

The Innovation Wave is born with three objectives: generate a movement of digitization sustained over time, connect health professionals around an innovative community, and provide training and accompaniment in their digitization and impact creation process. 

The initiative arises in Barcelona, where Opinno has been collaborating with Novartis since 2019, establishing three main phases: initial analysis, production of an inspiring event, and design and management of a continuous accompaniment program.

The initial phase of analysis was key considering that, to be effective, the program should be adapted to the real level of digitization and management of health professionals, all of them recognized prestige.This consideration became even more important, insofar as we headed to opinion leaders.For this, a self-diagnostic survey was designed that allowed to know the starting point of each assistant and classify the participants in four profiles from higher at low digital level: Digital Gurus, Innovators, Surfers and Digital Observers. 

In an opinion we define the structure and content of the event opening event focusing on innovation and transformation and customizing it depending on the predefined digitization levels, so that the content was different for each assistant, according to your profile.The execution was totally digital combining semi-direct from Platós in Barcelona and Madrid with the assistance of the guests in remote.Two days in which attendees were able to enjoy the presentations taught by higher-level experts on digital transformation and new technologies applied to the health sector.

Subsequently to the event, an accompanying plan was designed with the aim of giving continuity to its contents for all those interested participants in deepening these knowledge.The content launch with more than 10 videos and interviews, 3 cases of success and 45 downloadable were performed on three consecutive levels over time.

To facilitate its correct operation, 52 were selectedwave buddies,Employees of Novartis commissioned together with the opinion of guiding, coordinating and accompanying participants in their digitization process

At present we have 130 active participants in the accompanying process and based onfeedbackReceived about the high degree of satisfaction and involvement generated, we have made a report on best practices and aspects of improvement of the event for the Edition of 2021.

In general, the application of agile methodologies, the work and involvement of the leaders of Novartis and the spirit of team generated by all.The report reviews the strengths and aspects susceptible to improve all movement, including the team, the generated content and digital resources used, administrative processes, communication and sessions with thewave buddies.

With the satisfaction of knowing that 83% of the 250 attendees fulfilled their expectations and that 70% would recommend the event, in the opinion we are proud of this collaboration that has allowed us to help improve the lives of people throughof innovation.