Photo: Club Excelencia en Gestión and OPINNO sign a collaboration agreement to foster an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem Credit: Courtesy of the interviewees.

Madrid, 30 German IO 2021.-The Club Excellence in Management, a non-profit multisectoral association that generates and shares knowledge about management and transformation of organizations, andStudio, Global Innovation Consultant, have signed a collaboration agreement.With it, both entities commit themselves to work together to enhance knowledge in the field of excellent, innovative and sustainable management, emphasizing an innovative business ecosystem.

According to both organizations, these dynamics have an impact on the implementation of good corporate governance and help improve competitiveness through innovative management models that take into account both the short and medium and long term in their strategies.A particularly necessary characteristics in our business environment in these moments of uncertainty, which serve to make processes and gain agility in the field of management.

“It is a framework agreement that will serve to expand the value we contribute to our partners and customers in the area of innovation in which it gives us their knowledge and experience.At the same time, we, from the Club Excellency in Management, we make available to Opinno our experience in management and with the EFQM model, a global framework that helps organizations put their management in order, fostering excellence, innovation andSustainability, with the ultimate goal that organizations are better prepared for the future “,has explainedIgnacio Babé, Secretary General and CEO of Club Excellency in Management.

For his part,Tommaso Canonici, Founding Partner and Managing Director of Opinno, affirms that “it is always great news to expand the great family that is our innovation ecosystem with members of the size and experience of the management excellence.We are convinced that the initiatives we have released – and all those who are here to arrive – will have a great reception between the Spanish business fabric.Now, more than ever, excellence in management and innovation, will be the levers that will allow us to achieve all our objectives. “

Although the agreement has just been signed, both organizations have been collaborating and have launched an Action Tank of innovation with the motto: promoting new opportunities, in which, through three co-creation sessions, it has facilitated toolspractices and real examples have been shared to help participating professionals create a culture of innovation in their organizations, to rethink and innovate in their business models and involve all their stakeholders in their innovation processes. & nbsp;
Both organizations sign this agreement with the aim of implementing enriching joint initiatives for both the members and clients of the club, and for those of Opinno.

Sobre Studies

Opinno is a global innovation company, born in Silicon Valley in 2008, which transforms organizations through the use of innovative methodologies. With more than 230 employees and offices in 7 countries (Spain, Italy, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina and Peru), Opinno is a leading consultancy in innovation. We specialize in the design of digital and innovation strategies, cultural / corporate transformation and new forms of work through agile and collaborative models. Our services include the design of digital products and services, digital resguilling of the workforce, the creation of prototypes and the design and implementation of open innovation strategies. Opinno has consolidated an ecosystem that includes experts in innovation and technology from all over the world and is also an active partner of global leading companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday and AWS. Opinno is also a member of MIT Technology Review, Editorial Arm of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

About the Club Excellence in Management

The club excellence club is a multisectoral, non-profit association, which connects professionals to generate and share knowledge about excellent, innovative and sustainable management, accompanies organizations to transform their management to improve their results and recognize their results and recognizes their results and recognizes their results and recognizes their results and recognizes their results.AdvancesUnder the slogan “sharing and improving together”, the partners support their purpose to create a society with confidence in the future promoting organizations with excellent, innovative and sustainable management.
Founded in Spain in 1991 and on its 30th anniversary, the Excellency Club is composed of 245 partners of the most diverse sectors and sizes.In addition, as a single official representative of EFQM for Spain, it promotes the use of the EFQM model as a tool for transformation, forming, advising and recognizing, with the EFQM seal, to excellent organizations that look to the future.
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