Madrid, January 29, 2020.-The digital transformation of companies and the cultural change that accompanies it is defining a new profile of the CEO and new responsibilities, according to Pedro Moneo, CEO and founder of the Global Innovation Consultant.”The role of CEO & NBSP; It looks more every day that of an entrepreneur,” said Moneo on a day on organized leadership this morning by the APD in Madrid along with large innovative companies such as Cabify, Indeed, BBVA, Sanitas, Fundación eleven,Pulleva and British American Tobacco. & NBSP;

Moneo pointed out that highly innovative organizations are very sensitive to talent and a fundamental task of CEO is to help define and defend the values of the organization, which are the ones who are going to attract, fidelize and retain the best market talent.In addition, the CEO must be a spokesperson and change guide.Highly innovative organizations will be subjected to many voltages of change, which generate confusion and disorientation in the work teams “and the CEO,” Moneo explained, “should be like a guide lighthouse that, when team members are disoriented, remember the team.Mission and the direction in which they must work, which implies maintaining a long-term vision despite the setbacks of the day to day “.

According to the CEO of Opinno, the decisions we take today determine the long-term future of the organization “and the best way to predict the future is to invent it.The vision and retrospective analysis is a good way to know how our organization can remain relevant in the future and continue to evolve while adapting to change. “& NBSP;

Culture of Innovation

For Pedro Moneo The innovative company model has three characteristics: “It is connected to an ecosystem, it does not innovate by itself, to expand the ability to capture value beyond the limits of your own organization.It must be agile, it has to be in tune with times, reducing time from conceptualization to the market is fundamental.And it must be centered on the client, aimed at understanding his reality and prioritizing based on market data. “& nbsp; In addition, the mission of the company must be challenging and motivating, but achievable.The values must be real. & Nbsp;

Innovative Leadership

Opinno has identified five qualities or values that are repeated in leaders and innovative teams.The first is leadership, vision, vocation to change things, think big.The second curiosity to learn, listening capacity, creativity.The third, seek excellence, be committed to work.The four empathy, work well as a team.The fifth, being entirely and honest, worrying about the final impact of his work.

Collaborative Talent

According to Pedro Moneo, the digital transformation demands professionals specialized in increasingly specific and sophisticated knowledge areas, which are also renewed frequently and force the constant formation and recycling of the experts.”In the opinion we have discovered that the best talent in the world does not want to be in payroll, which has led us to rethink the business of consulting in the future, and the answer is that consultancy must and is going to be district by collaborative models”.& nbsp;

A new model where consultants will have smaller nuclei and large networks of experts who participate in projects aligned with their area of specialization.”In Opinnos,” Mono concludes – we actively work with a large network of experts in our consulting projects, but we maintain project managers as their own.A hybrid model between traditional consulting and collaborative economics, which allows us to maintain closeness with our clients and ensure the quality of our work, while scalable and specialists in any technological field. “