• Users' digital attention spans are limited, and companies are looking for professionals capable of creating user-centric experiences.
  • The Bridge and the consulting firm Opinno have signed a partnership agreement to train talent in the UI/UX field.
  • Students at The Bridge will have the option to join the consulting firm's team once the bootcamps have been completed.
  • The Bridge will offer 'Opinno Digital Experience Scholarships' for students interested in the Digital Product Design UX/UI bootcamp.


Photo: The Bridge and Opinno have announced a collaboration partnership to promote training and talent in UI/UX, one of the most highly sought-after disciplines for professionals nowadays. Credit: Opinno

Madrid, 8th June 2021.- The Bridge, the digital talent accelerator that offers bootcamps adapted to the current labour market’s needs, has signed a partnership agreement with Opinno, a leading innovation consultancy, to promote society's capability in the Data Experience field. This partnership's main objective is to identify and train the industry's most promising profiles in the user experience design field. Under this agreement, the students attending the digital business school will have the opportunity to participate in the consulting firm's recruitment processes in order to become part of its team. Opinno is thus reinforcing its engagement with young people, in a clear commitment to attracting talent.

The Bridge CEO, Iker Arce, explains why they have chosen to form this partnership: “This collaboration allows us to further develop one of our main pillars, training digital talent, which is vital to our economic and business performance. This agreement does not only offer the possibility of networking but will equip our students with the digital skills demanded by companies of Opinno's stature, so that they can tackle the different challenges facing them”.

UX/UI training

According to the ‘Linkedin Learning: The Skills Companies Need Most in 2020’ report, UX design is the key to making the digital world work for consumers and users, ranking in the top 5 most necessary hard skills, according to the social network. Consumers' attention spans are decreasing every year and their patience for products that are not intuitive is low. Organizations require more knowledge and expertise when it comes to creating more people-centric products and experiences, which is why the demand for such professionals has potentially increased. This is supported by The Bridge's own statistics, as 80% of ‘Product Design UX/UI’ graduates who enrolled during the 2020 academic year with the intention of finding a job are now in employment.

Scholarships and challenges

A further point of collaboration involves the consultancy firm's participation in the 'Crew Challenge'organized by The Bridge in its bootcamps, which involves posing a challenge that the students have to solve under Opinno's mentorship. By monitoring the various workshops and being present on the panel of judges, the consultancy firm can identify the different profiles that may eventually be hired as members of its staff once they have completed the training process.

Pedro Moneo, founder and CEO of Opinno, points out that talent is one of the consultancy firm's main assets: “Over the last few years we have trained hundreds of consultants and many of them are now among our top management. We have built an organization based on real values, one of which is the intention to make an impact through change, through evolution. We are here to make a difference and this agreement allows us to drive the development of digital skills as well as to promote employment opportunities among young people.”In this sense, The Bridge will offer 'Opinno Digital Experience Scholarships' for those who wish to enroll in the Digital Product Design UX/UI bootcamp, in its June and September 2021 editions.

Finally, the partnership involves two other elements. Firstly, the consulting firm's experts will deliver a masterclass in Data Experience exclusively for students and graduates of The Bridge, while both entities will work together in enriching the bootcamp's academic plan in Opinno's areas of excellence.

About The Bridge

The Bridge is the first digital talent accelerator. It aims to bridge the digital divide by helping companies to create jobs and value, and its graduates to start and accelerate their careers.
For more information: https://thebridge.tech/

About Opinno

Opinno is a global innovation company, born in Silicon Valley in 2008, that transforms organizations through the use of innovative methodologies. With more than 230 employees and offices in 7 countries (Spain, Italy, United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina and Peru), Opinno is a leading innovation consulting firm. We specialize in the design of digital and innovation strategies, cultural/corporate transformation and new ways of working through agile and collaborative models. Our services include designing digital products and services, digital workforce reskilling, prototyping and designing and implementing open innovation strategies. Opinno has consolidated an ecosystem that includes innovation and technology experts from around the world and is also an active partner with leading global companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday and AWS. Opinno is also a partner of MIT Technology Review, the publishing arm of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).