Open innovation encourages the exchange of knowledge between scientific actors, public institutions and business partners, and is at the heart of Opinno's business model. Opinno is a global consultancy that supports companies around the world in the science and technology sector by leading digital transformations and implementing innovation strategies among companies. Opinno's innovative consultants act as mentors to companies around the world, and we adapt our actions to our words by also introducing internal mentoring. Opinno invites speakers and experts from across the spectrum to share their wealth of knowledge with the Opinno team, from banking and science experts to experts in creative arts and design. We see the value of collaboration, and that's why:

1. We are part of an evolving industry, and we need to evolve with it.

The digital transformations involve continuous improvements, as technology continuously advances and evolves. That's why Opinno invites industry leaders to enlighten our team through digital talks and business breakfasts. In addition, Opinno values interactions in a competitive environment. As an industry evolves, we welcome healthy competition to exchange ideas and knowledge.

2. Happy workers are productive workers

A study by economists at the University of Warwick found that “happiness [in the workplace] caused a 12% increase in productivity, while unhappy workers turned out to be 10% less productive.” The study further revealed that 12% of workers are not engaged in work, so the incorporation of expert speakers and opinion leaders aims to boost overall engagement and morale. Actions and activities that instill knowledge in employees, stimulate creative thinking and/or improve workplace culture, are likely to foster a happy workforce.

3. Educational Opportunity

From a management perspective, an employee of the Information Technology team and the Accounting team deserves an equitable learning opportunity when it comes to evolving with the digital world. Therefore, key professionals and experts in your sector are invited to share their views and to open discussions, discussions and practical results among all departments.

4. Promotes a positive business culture

Manish Goel, a board member of Aerospike Inc. said: “As hard as you work on developing strategies, everyone has to work in an environment where they feel they can succeed and are supported. We must foster a great culture.” Opinno's efforts to continuously foster an environment of support and welcome are partly made through the reception of expert speakers. Last month, Carolina Blanco, a social and technical worker in social integration, was welcomed to Opinno to share her experience on how to manage and promote diversity in the workplace. During the session, Carolina emphasized that diversity in the workplace goes beyond influencing an open and complete business culture, but also provides financial gains.0

Opinno as an organization envisages a business ecosystem that encompasses innovation and digital transformation, and welcomes speakers to foster a corporate culture in which team members also believe in that vision. Opinno collaborates because we believe that sharing ideas with executives, students and the world fosters collective intelligence. This commitment to sharing and disseminating knowledge can also be demonstrated in the latest book of “The Leader in The Face of Innovation”. The book is aimed at CEOs, executives and advisors who want to understand and participate in the journey that is innovation.