The survival rate of the finalist startups of the competition in previous years is 95% and they have managed to raise more than 2,600 million dollars in different investment circles. One of the event goals is to find the next unicorn among all the startups or business models designed to revolutionize markets. 

South Summit is the biggest event in Europe for entrepreneurs and investors, during the event, thousands of startups meet with investors that might be interested in venturing on their projects in a unique framework of innovation and development. South Summit was created on 2012 under a different name, but in 2014 it changed the name as they included international markets of Latin-American and the South of Europe. 

The event entails a series of conferences and panels on a diversity of topics, with world-class experts. It is common to find founders and CEO's of the world's largest companies, speaking about business strategies, entrepreneurship, and how to attract new sources of funding. 

Among this year speakers are : Paul Misener, vice president of Global Innovation Policy at Amazon; Ciaran Quilty, EMEA vice president for Facebook; Jennifer Kanyamibwa, senior director of strategy and product design operations on Twitter and Juan de Antonio, founder and CEO of Cabify, just a handful of examples of a the big influences attending the forum which congregates a big diversity of thematic from the most relevant industries in the market.

Aside from the networking and the conferences, South Summit develops a major competition for startups, where they compete for the best startup of the year award. Winning this prize allows them to position themselves as a solid investment bet for Venture Capital and Business Angels funds. Throughout South Summit the finalists will have to face each other in different sessions and pitch formats in front of a pristine jury integrated by the main representatives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem who will choose the results. 

Of the 3,700 projects that participated this year, the startup Streamloots received the highest award from the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism in office, Reyes Maroto. Created by Alberto Martínez Guerrero, Streamloots allows thousands of people to interact in real time by live streamers and players. Furthermore, users have the option to earn money, by monetizing their audience while doing what they love. Also, the player himself decides what kind of interactions he wants to offers to his fans and they, in turn, can decide the type of character will the streamer will play with.