We have designed a rigorous and timely content plan to help the company to stay abreast of the latest trends in construction

The challenge

Companies are becoming more conscious all the time of the fact that in order to perpetuate their success they must not only preserve the quality of their services; they also need to innovate. Keeping up to speed on the latest market trends allows companies to leverage new opportunities and be more efficient. In a small company, it can be easier to foster an innovative culture amongst all employees, but large companies need strategies to spread this philosophy down to the last employee.

Forthe leading construction company Sacyr,this challenge encompasses its more than 10.000 employees operating in more than 20 countries worldwide. But, how can they engage all of them in the company´s commitment to innovation?


Every day new studies, processes, materials and data emerge worldwide that can help to optimize Sacyr´s services. More sustainable cements, apps that streamline on-site work and 3D printing to preproduce structures are some of the tendencies that are starting to take shape and revolutionize the construction sector. Keeping abreast of all of these tendencies requires a significant effort in the form of detecting and collecting the most valuable information pertaining to the sector. To this end, Sacyr was looking for a way to optimize this process and share the output not only will their full employee base, but also with any other interested parties.

With this objective in mind, at Opinno we have helped Sacyr define a rigorous and innovative content strategy through our publicationMIT Technology Review, Spanish Edition.Our publication, a leader in technological news, stems from the global edition in English, MIT Technology Review, the oldest technological publication in the world, founded in 1899.

Our solution

In order to reach as many people as possible, Sacyr has createda public, open access innovation channel.Here, Sacyr publishes not only content pertaining to their own advances, but rather, thanks to our help, this channel has become a hub of innovative information for the sector.

In order to achieve this, we defined a series of different contents which we offer regularly to the channel. These contents include the projects from the winners of our Innovators Under 35 competitions to serve as inspiration, interviews with experts and in-depth reports that help the company to stay well versed in the latest trends.

“Some of the content was specifically designed to capture the interest of Sacyr´s employees”, as our editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review, Spanish Edition, Marta del Amo, explains. “They are all characterized by the rigorousness and timeliness that form part of the brand of MIT Technology Review,” Del Amo adds.

Since October, 2015, Sacyr´s Innovation Channel has been consistently updated with the types of information which help to position Sacyr within their sector and offer them a broader perspective on the new opportunities afforded by emerging technologies.