Madrid, 12 May 2020. – The pandemic caused by Covid-19 is acting as a business catalyst that not only accelerates but also forces the adoption of new business models. To ensure their success, these models must incorporate the changes generated by the continuous irruption of new technologies over the last two decades and by the development of digital consumer behaviour.

A new paradigm that requires restarting businesses, according to the leading global innovation firm Opinno, which has developed the Restart your business methodology to do so successfully. It aims to help companies prepare for a “new normal”.

“Now, more than ever, companies must rely on the opportunities offered by the digital age for the new beginning, from telecommuting to redesigning their business models,” says Opinno's CEO and founder, Pedro Moneo.

Restart your business report

React, Respond, Restart

The pandemic has taught us that a black swan can always appear and that possible events that can put a business at risk are of very diverse nature: war conflicts, natural catastrophes or the loss of a key resource.Any of these phenomena can impact differently in any business and sector.These events must be analyzed carefully to make a correct management of the risks that identify the focuses of action.The objective: prepare the business for its reactivation according to the new normality generated by the appearance of the event.

Opinno has identified four major areas of action: business, organization, people and ecosystem of the company, which is added as a catalytic lever the necessary leadership to successfully manage the life cycle of the event and decideThree moments of action.

React:Reaction to the emergency in the outbreak of an event that damages the business.

Respond:Answer given to the crisis after the explosion of the event, controlling the risks and adapting the business to the new paradigm.

Restart:Reactivation of the business in the new normality produced by the disturbing event, strengthening its competitive advantage

These learnings must scale up to the highest layers of the organization and provoke a deep reflection within the direction committees on the corporate purpose, the future of the business and, in short, of the organization itself.It is appropriate and they first adopt this agile and innovative leadership that is desirable to face the scenario of high uncertainty and exponential change.Thus, leaders must create the enabling environment for the organization to capture the opportunities that take the success of the company in the new normality.

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