Innovation and entrepreneurship passes through the interface among experts. Rafael del Pino y Moreno created the Rafael del Pino Foundation  in 1999 in response to the “ongoing quest to learn, improve and get to the bottom of things, and his deep love of Spain”. Among its activities, the Foundation organizes and carries out various conferences and meetings where prominent political, economic or social leaders, analyze, in-depth,  issues and current realities.

One of these problems concerns the quality of life of people with reduced mobility and affected by spinal cord injury, a problem which the Rafael del Pino Foundation has always been particularly sensitive to. The institution promotes leading new technologies development projects and therapies aimed at making life easier for these people and giving them as much autonomy as possible. And in search for finding ways to learn about and support these projects, came to the conclusion that elaborating on them and promote their dissemination, would be an excellent way to add value.


Opinno Media, as editor of the Spanish and Portuguese editions of MIT Technology Review, helped in this communication process. True to its motto of “learn about the latest technologies before they become news,” MIT Technology Review (the oldest and most prestigious magazine of the science and technology world) was the ideal channel to convey this support, by being a pioneer in detecting emerging technologies with impact potential, thanks to the rigor in which they communicate them, analysis being the main objective and relying on their sources, dissemination and publication of the technological forefront tinged with prestige.

Action Opinno

In response to Rafael del Pino Foundations need,  MIT Technology Review has developed a series of 'Special Reports' (“Biomed Reports”) that have as their objective, in the field of medicine and biotechnology,  to to detect the most advanced and promising researches and developments in spinal cord injury in Spain, and relate them as multimedia report through the magazine.

To round off this series, the Rafael del Pino Foundation and MIT Technology Review wanted to bring to life, stories of bioentrepreneurs,like Jesus Vaquero, who have chosen to follow the long path thats is biomedicine. Because, despite not offering the advantages of other sectors in the short term, this is one of the fields with the most development and innovation with a promising future ahead.

Opinno Media is also characterized by the experience of a global network of experts that provide the most relevant news supported by an excellent platform to promote activities related to innovation, entrepreneurship, emerging science and high technology from around the world.

One of the protagonists of those stories was Jesus Vaquero, Head of the Neuroscience Research Unit of the Hospital Puerta del Hierro Madrid, which investigates in regenerative medicine to try to restore movement to paralyzed patients.