Given the business activity of this well-known French multinational telecommunications company, it is no surprise that it has been immersed in the process of digital transformation from the very start.

With over 265 million users worldwide, this vast enterprise woke up to the fact that digital skills are at the center of this revolution early. Perhaps more closely than any other sector, the telecommunications industry has seen first-hand how dominant paradigms of connectivity and communication have replaced outdated ways of working.

Just as digital technology is constantly evolving, so too must its users. In the workplace, this means placing people at the heart of innovation. Today’s employees are required to develop new skills to meet the demands of this evolving work environment.

Opinno was invited by the company’s Spanish subsidiary to create a unique methodology of innovation to support an in-house proposition of a new product launch every 9 months. The company’s intention was to standardize a process which would promote innovation in a completely new way.

Opinno’s role was to design the process that would bring together a cross-section of experts from a variety of fields. The idea was to create a multidisciplinary team to collaborate on new ideas and sustain the momentum from inception of the product to its launch on the market in the required 9-month period.

The focus lay in selecting a heterogeneous group of experts and training them in methodologies of innovation designed to support this process. We accompanied the group on a weekly basis, providing mentoring in the new collaborative working styles of the digital age. Among these are approaches such as Design Thinking, which takes as its values the creative force of artistic inspiration and applies it to business. A company can design the way it leads and manages processes, as well as in the way it creates.