To be able to expand the capacity to obtain value beyond the borders of your own organization. As so, a company must be agile, as cycles become shorter, uncertainty grows and forces companies to shorten the time span from conceptualization to market.   

For this, since our opening in 2008, Opinno has established its own network of more than 50 000 tech and innovation experts that can be accessed through our collaborative platform, Opinno.IO, allowing our consultants to count on the support of the network's experts for their projects. The brand ambassadors, are people who know our work. They are business partners, members of public institutions, innovation consultants, lecturers, influencers, all connected by an interest in technology and innovation.

Our Expert Council is a system of high-profile specialists and CEOs that bring together the most successful professionals in different fields ranging from to biotechnology to innovation strategy. The ambassadors of the Opinion Experts Network work as an advisory board on our projects, providing information on crucial points in order to reach greatness.

This past week, Opinno´s group of experts reunited on a dinner, acting as a Networking affair between ambassadors, project leaders and program leaders. The event was organized to open a space for them to meet each other, get know their roles in the industry and to be able to find new opportunities within their contacts. These meetings are a great place to share knowledge about the latest trends in technology, innovations, and projects that are creating an impact in our community. As well as creating opportunities for development and generating new projects. 

For detailed information on corporate venture, human led innovation, the future of work and more, follow our Youtube Channel where these amazing professionals share their expertise.