The deputy mayor for Communication, Innovation and Electronic Administration, Javier Bello, along side with Blanca Merino, Council for Development and Pedro Serrano the Economic Development Coordinator gave a warm welcome on the city hall to Opinno´s president and founder Pedro Moneo, accompanied by Hugo Monsalve, Project Manager and Raúl Sánchez the director of the Public Sector and Institutions of the abovementioned company.

Opinno stationed their new office in June situated in Las Salinas. Serving as a R+D+I center as it is considered to be a strategic bound for many companies in the area. It presents a knowledge center where research, innovation and development will be able to transform through science and technology at the service of people. Besides, it generates a new bet for talent as there are already more than thirty engineers working on site to build a center of excellence that works hand in hand with the University of Cádiz, giving graduating engineers an opportunity to join the Opinno team.

Our mission consists on helping corporations transform through innovative methodologies. In our Solutions division we clear up problems with technology solutions, covering different projects such as design, digital strategy, development and living labs.

Since 2017, Cadiz has had an upturn on the mayor economic activities, as there are multiple sources from a growing range of sectors and markets, encouraging positive economic growth and development. According to the United Nations, in 2030, cities that have invested in Research, Development and innovation (R & D & I) and are capable of generating more knowledge will reach a higher degree of human development. Therefore, it will generate more employment resulting in a higher economic growth. With this in mind, it is safe to say that the commitment to R+D+ I will be a decisive and differentiating factor on the future.

Additionally, the European Commission released the 2019 forecast on the evolution of the work environment for the upcoming years, highlighting the importance of digital skills, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data Business digitalization is an unprecedented as companies will be forced to transform the skills of their workers and adapt them to new needs and skillsets.

Opinno looks to position Puerto de Santa María as an international benchmark in developing technological talent for the world, in order to attract national and international companies and generate quality employment.