In the traditional organization of waterfalls, a discipline contributes to the delivery of the project, while agility requires a collaborative and multifunctional approach.

What was initially launched as a method to improve the delivery cycles in software development became one of the most requested project management frameworks.

What does it mean to build an agile organization?

We wanted our customers to understand that Agile is more than a set of rules and principles that can apply and follow.Agile promotes a work mentality in progress where teams deliver into small increments, gather feedback and implement changes quickly and economically.Many companies make the mistake to wait until the product is ready for release.In the agile methodology, the product must be in a “good enough” development state to be released.Once the product or service is in the market, work quickly to implement customer feedback to offer them the products and services they want.

Agile framework
How we implement Agile:

Implementing an agile framework means building an organization with a flat structure where authentic human interactions prevail over pre-established agreements.A strong organization shares a vision and common values.The Agile team establishes quality, usability and integrity standards.Our training sessions focused on identifying leaders who could facilitate dissemination in an agile form to work in the organization.

The next step was to form the teams, design the order portfolio, organize the sprints, choose a product owner and a scrum master.Digitalization teams were referred to as agile cells.Each cell was responsible for identifying possible scanning opportunities and validating them through experiments in several Sprints. 

As a result of our collaboration, the team saw an increase in the ability to work together and produce better results, faster.