Designing the bank of the future with the help of new technologies, creativity and inventiveness of young Italian talents. This is the goal of 3.0 Generation Hack, the ideas competition announced by Italian banking leader UniCredit with Opinno Italy, the corporate specialized in Open Innovation.  

The challenge, aimed at young university students and recent graduates from Italy, with studies or a particular passion for marketing, finance, sales, technology and design, is to innovate the banking sector to adapt to a digital world that is evolving at a rapid pace. New technologies, such as artificial intelligence or augmented reality, introduce new opportunities that many brands are trying to exploit. Starting with the Metaverse, which offers an interactive, immersive and personalized experience for customers. 

The challenge launched by 3.0 Generation Hack aims to find innovative solutions to seize these opportunities offered by the new web generation, through the adoption of new business models and customer services, “meta-products,” new marketing strategies, leveraging  the new technologies as Debora Gatti, head of People Attraction&Rectruitment Italy, reports.  

“Through the business hack, we want to convey to young people that UniCredit is an exciting, dynamic environment full of opportunities for those who want to make a difference. To connect with emerging talent, we need to speak their same language and offer them meaningful insights on the business side. 

The younger generation is driven by innovation, technology and creativity. We have embraced the “think outside the box” mentality to attract young talent and have integrated innovative approaches and lateral thinking into our corporate culture as we seek to solve complex problems by creating solutions that adapt to changing market needs.  

The business hack will open new opportunities for UniCredit allowing us to be at the forefront of our industry and attract bright young minds. We are proud to be the Bank for Europe's future working together with young talents to build an increasingly innovative banking sector”. 

The selected candidates will have the opportunity to live a unique experience, which will involve them for four weeks in the development of their idea, supported by mentors and workshop sessions dedicated to the world of FinTech Trends and Innovative Business Development, as told by Silvia Amato, COO and Director of Education and Culture Transformation of Opinno Italy:  

“The Acceleration Program for selected participants in UniCredit's 3.0 Generation Hack, offers the opportunity for university students to concretely experience the dynamics of the innovative entrepreneurship world, with the goal of acquiring valuable skills and connections for the future. Thanks to our innovative Acceleration Program methodology, and through mentorship and technical workshops, we prepare participants to contribute to the success of companies, anticipating the challenges of a rapidly changing world”. 

UniCredit's 3.0 Generation Hack has a total prize pool of 6,000 euros.  

Applications, through the dedicated website, are already open and will close on September 21, 2023.