As we draw to the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century, society, as we know, is on the cusp of exponential change, the precise scale of which is still hidden from us. This rapid evolution, the combination of globalization and technological development, has transformed every sector, social and economic at a rate which is ever increasing.

For the business sector, this change is also unceasing. Modern business culture must incorporate change as the new paradigm and with it innovation. But there are others. The whole concept of the client has shifted. Today, the role of the client has become that of a user, a profile with needs and desires and instant access to omnichannel commerce. Further tendencies have also disrupted the business sector: the appearance of new competitors, a concept of portability and disruptive technologies which situate the user-consumer at the hub of these developments in innovation.


Opinno has worked in conjunction with one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies to create a program of open days in innovation. The idea behind this venture is to encourage collaboration with its major stakeholders. The objective was to jointly construct a working model of collaboration for both decision-makers and stakeholders which creates a value proposal of cooperation both now and in the long term.


The objectives of this project were the following:

  • To work together to create a mode of engagement for the company’s key decision-makers and stakeholders
  • Extend this premise of engagement and replicate its key features to every context the enterprise can be located in across Spain
  • To add value to and achieve results from the shared collaborative activity with the stakeholders which open up new business opportunities.

The creation of this pioneering program of innovation at the leading pharmaceutical company helps drive new forms of business engagement with its major stakeholders. In addition, the program is scalable, which ensures the model will grow beyond its innovative starting point to maximize its impact and diversify its effects all over the Peninsula.