How can a team of consultants with entrepreneurial mindset take on such an ambitious challenge?  The financial sector is notoriously less flexible, difficult to understand and the reputable banks have a long and established history of following routines and strict procedures. Are they really willing to embrace digitization?
Let’s find out.

The Opinno team is known for being the publishers of Harvard Business Review and MIT Technology Review in Spanish, and supporters of the Innovators under 35 global community. Another thing we’re known for is our team of trainers well-versed in Agile, Lean, SCRUM and KANBAN, to name just a few.

So we can do two things well: we have the knowledge to change and the frameworks to make things happen.

At the beginning of this month, the challenge was launched: To introduce our new partners (that’s “clients” in Opinno jargon) to the use of Agile methodologies, specifically SCRUM and KANBAN and also train them in the use of JIRA and Confluence (tools of the Atlassian suite).

What did we want to achieve at the end of the training:

●   Help the client understand the architecture of JIRA and Confluence and its essential components;

●   Support the client in understanding JIRA from the perspective of an administrator and  user;

●   Help the client design custom workflows with validation logic and complex business rules;

●   Guide the client on how to search, inform and analyze the progress of projects;

●   Help the client get an understanding of how to manage and execute projects with Agile methodologies.

Learning Experience
What we managed to achieve:

Our consultants gave classes to different users and designed courses for basic, intermediate and advanced levels, achieving more than 150 users trained in JIRA and Confluence

The Opinno trainers have accomplished their mission: we’re one step closer to performant banking services.

Check out what participants had to say about their learning experience with Opinno:

“Learning a new technology always results in a challenge. In the beginning, there are many new concepts that you have to learn to start with JIRA but after the training, it is really easy when you understand what to do with the system”                                 –Financial consultant

“JIRA is very useful for agile project management. The training was clear and concise, with

practical examples that we can apply in the bank daily.”           –Project Manager

If you’d like to learn more about how Opinno can help your organization grow exponentially get in touch with us and our team we’ll be more than happy to share the knowledge.

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