In recent years, the automotive industry has undergone major changes in both the manufacturing process and the digital transformation. Due to these changes organizations are changing the way that they are structured to in order to adapt to the changing marketplace. That is why a major car company has decided to contact Opinno in order to help, identify and adapt to the new times. After the absorption of several companies, its already clear orientation towards innovation, connectivity and automation has increased.

From our perspective, we want to help identify, define, and solve challenges in key areas of the company through the generation of a collaborative ecosystem that finds innovative solutions. Factories will be positioned as open innovation centers capable of attracting disruptive talents. We sought to generate an ecosystem of collaboration between this important company in the automotive sector and startups, innovation centers, technology companies and other players to face together the new challenges of the company. This new collaboration will pave the way for new innovations that will help revolutionize the company.

Based on co-creation dynamics with the client, we defined a new methodology that identifies the relevant challenges that the client is facing. Outlines a methodology that allows for the definition and communication of these challenges. The creation of a working model with startups and entrepreneurs to help the client. Last, a communication event was setup for the launch of the ecosystem. These steps allowed our client to reinvent themselves in the marketplace and gain a comparative advantage over the competitors.