For real estate companies across segments, the last one year has been particularly transformative. The operating framework that was seemingly outmoded in its outlook was banished almost overnight, making way for the new regime to prevail. Companies had to gear up to change their working models, organization structures, understand how to get their vendors to comply, ensure their employees were trained in line with the new regime, appease their customers who now had a lot of protection under the Act, while still running a seemingly successful business.

An Opinno's client that operates in real estate sector created a startup accelerator that trains previously selected startups. The goal is to accelerate the ideas of the startups and to validate and launch them in the market. Accelerators have recently been playing an important role in startups around the world by offering services in education, mentorship, and financing that help the early stages of growth for startups.

Opinno has recently designed its´ own startup acceleration program that focuses on key growth objectives. First, the program aims to reduce time to market which will allow startups to get their products and services to cliental faster allowing them to expand and create meaningful growth. Second, the program validates ideas ideas in the market by ensuring that the product or service offered by the startup is most ideal for creating growth. Third, the program develops customer-centric ideas which not only provides the customer with a positive experience at the point of sale but after the sale in order to create more growth and gain a competitive advantage over competitors in the market.


In order to achieve these goals the project is divided into three different phrases:

First, is the pre-acceleration stage. In this stage a bootcamp of Lean Startup and personalized diagnosis of each startup is developed. Lean Startup is a methodology that aims to build new products and services quickly. The methodology shortens development cycles by adopting a combination of experimentation driven by hypothesis to measure progress, iterative product launches to gain valuable feedback from customers, and validated learning to measure how much has been learned.

Second, is the acceleration stage. In this stage a program was designed based on customer consultations, complementary training, and mentoring with experts. The main objective of this stage is to guide the participants in the optimization of their processes and resources, in order to obtain the greatest possibility of success and the shortest time-to-market. This stage allows for startups to rapidly create growth while improving the efficiency of their product or service.

Third, is the demo stage. In this stage there is a demo day where each startup presented its´ elevator pitch. The purpose of an elevator pitch is to compel those listening to want to hear more. An elevator pitch allows startups to organize their thoughts and highlight what is most important about the viability of the startup.

Accelerator programs play a key role in the development of startups by giving them the tools they need to create growth and expand. Opinno´s program offers startups the expertise, services, and knowledge to navigate the marketplace and effectively deliver services to their consumers.