hello 404

Photo: Opinno Peru is now a reality. Credit: Opinno

Peru is a leading country in innovation and the fifth largest economy in the region. With headquarters in Lima, this alliance is a significant strategic move for Opinno that strengthens our positioning on the continent. 

Opinno has been present in the Latin American market for years. In 2015, we opened our offices in Mexico and Colombia, which began to create an experience and learning process that, through a wide range of projects, allowed us to make the leap to Ecuador in 2020. 

Today, we are starting a new journey in Peru through our alliance with Hello404.

We are reinforcing our presence on the continent and putting our team and talent at the service of Peruvian companies with the vision of continuing to be a benchmark for innovation in Latin America. 

Our successful experience in LATAM continues to inspire our process for entering new markets. It is a new approach that has been condensed into the Opinno Way method and which, based on lessons learned, translates into three lines of action. 

The first is to join forces with recognized professionals connected to large local corporations, and this is exactly what has happened in Peru. 

The founders of Hello404, Pedro Mateos y Ricardo Espinoza, are two well-known professionals in the area and both have extensive experience as international consultants. 

Pedro is Spanish and has worked as both an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America for the last 7 years. He is an expert in designing and managing innovation ecosystems and intrapreneurship programmes with Lean Startup in corporations. He is also a professor at CIDE PUCP and the Universidad del Pacífico as well as a regular international speaker. 

Ricardo is Peruvian, a telecommunications engineer with a Master's degree in information systems from the Technical University of Madrid. He has extensive experience in the business world and in startups with an international vision. He is the co-founder of the innovation laboratory Piscina Lab PUCP and a lecturer at this institution. He led the Lean Startup machine in Peru and has ample experience in designing programs for government entities. 

“We are very excited to start this journey in Peru, a leading country in innovation and the fifth largest economy in the region. The combination of the Opinno team's skills combined with Pedro and Ricardo's experience and talent will allow us to develop important projects in different sectors of the Peruvian economy,” says Pedro Moneo, founder and CEO of Opinno. 

The second challenge for us when entering a new market is to keep our differential positioning intact, which is in Opinno's DNA and is the real driving force behind our international expansion. To achieve this, we rely on Manuel Camporro, Director of Marketing, and Javier Iglesias, Director of Operations; both of whom have experience in applying our company's values and have been responsible for finding and negotiating with new partners and the onboarding process. 

“Our business is based on client trust and knowledge of the consultancy sector. In this respect, Hello404, and above all the human quality, credibility and professional trajectory of Ricardo and Pedro, have been instrumental in our decision to make the leap to Peru with complete confidence,” says Javier. 

At Opinno, we are very proud to be able to offer our most valuable asset, talent, to Peruvian companies with the vision of becoming the benchmark for innovation in Latin America.