For a certain German industrial company, innovation as always been the way forward. This German multinational has been a beacon of innovation since the opening of its very own hub dedicated to development during the 1990s. Now it has taken one step further with a forum dedicated to Open Innovation.

Opinno was there to collaborate on this exciting venture: the creation of a unique space in Open Innovation for the company. Open Innovation is a research and development paradigm for the Information Age, one which encourages cooperation and information flow across the boundaries of an organization and embraces new communities of users as well as the input of creative individuals, also. It constitutes a radical change in the way business culture operates today.

The challenge for Opinno was to create a multidimensional space at the Forum and online that would allow for the main organs of the German multinational to come together to discuss the technological challenges and potential benefits for development in the 21st century.  

The company offers a vast array of products in the industrial sector, but also in the property and energy sectors so these diverse areas of business were able to draw together and create opportunities for contact with the most creative individuals involved in innovation, Europe-wide.

Opinno developed three workshops dedicated to strategic alignment: a process which allows the linking of the company’s resources to its strategy and business environment, and which enhances performance all round. In addition, Opinno collaborated in the selection of certain technical and research-driven challenges the company would benefit from, based on their predicted outcome.

Part of Opinno’s work at the Forum was to design both an online and physical space to make these challenges a reality by involving company stakeholders and external communities of users and creative individuals across Europe.