The training will have place in the city of San Francisco, where the participants will be able to partake on the city´s ecosystem. 

The city of San Francisco, has been ranked as best Business Environment and Access to Resources. According to Kauffman Index, the city earned the seventh place for entrepreneurial growth, startup activity and small business. The Bay Area is home to a number of high-growth companies, as Apple, Facebook, Google, Uber, and Salesforce, as the city has been known for being the world's hub for innovation and business.

The development of mayor companies has led to the migration of highly-educated professionals to the area, resulting on an unparalleled cultural diversity that contributes to the forward-thinking, open-minded environment for which the City is famous.

As outstanding as the city above, IPADE Business School has been positioned as one of the best schools in the world to study an MBA by the Forbes ranking.  IPADE is the only school of Latin America to enter the pristine ranking. It has won its position for its level of excellence. Thanks to their academic tenacity, IPADE’s exceptional Executive Education programs have been ranked in the 16th place in the “Executive Education” international ranking, published by Financial Times. 

As every company has a structure, there are fundamental factors that give base to growth and development. The training will include three mayor sections to achieve the transformation, first, strategy and vision, second, emerging technologies and third digital culture. In order for a makeover to be successful, there must be an analysis to recognize the aspects that are failing and switch them towards digital growth. 

This training will give professionals the opportunity to restructure their company´s organization towards new technologies and methodologies. In addition, they will be learning how to grow and evolve professionally in an everchanging business environment.