Our client, a global leader in the infrastructure industry, engaged us in the development of a new sustainable urban mobility plan.

The strategic plan was designed to support the mobility needs of people and businesses in cities to improve life quality.

The main objectives of the plan were to improve the efficiency of the transportation of people and goods, to make the cities more sustainable and to minimise the negative effects of transportation on our health, life quality and environment. The project allowed the company to test the elements of the urban mobility plan before implementing them in large scale projects. We organised a couple of workshops and conducted a series of user-need assessments.
The new strategic innovation plan is spanning over the next three years. It includes the following stages: status analysis, vision building, object and target setting, policy and measure selection, active communication, and evaluation.

The characteristics of the sustainable mobility plan are:
A long term vision which covers all means of transportation, public and private. It includes an implementation plan, budget, the responsibilities and resources allocated to implement the plan;

Our sustainable plan focuses on how we can meet the basic transportation needs of the citizens. This plan brings together citizens, stakeholders, and other beneficiaries to take an active role in the planning. This approach minimises risk, aligns decision makers and speeds up the implementation phase;

The strategic plan has to integrate all transportation modes but promotes and facilitates the developments of sustainable ones. The project contains an integrated set of actions that improve performance and cost-effectiveness in connection with the goals we’ve set for this plan. We addressed the following components of the mobility plan: public transportation, urban road safety, urban logistics, mobility management and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS);
The implementation of the plan follows an integrated approach that involved the cooperation with representatives of the government and relevant authorities;

The plan is focused on achieving ambitious, measurable targets that stem from the objectives, aligned with a vision for mobility brought together by an overall sustainable development strategy. A sustainable urban development plan has a specific objective, measurable targets and specific indicators to measure the progress towards the goals.

The implementation of the sustainable mobility plan will be evaluated carefully to see if progress has been made towards achieving the objectives of the plan. We will publish a monitory report with the progress of the implementation of the plan and distribute it to all stakeholders.