From some decades the focus for recruiters around the world has changed. As the world becomes more tech-savvy, the main skills employers look for have now shifted to digital. Nowadays, every company has changed the way they work and the systems they use in order to make the work more efficient while taking less time. Employees have to be constantly updating their skills to not fall behind; workers need to be able to adapt to the fast-changing technologies to increase their value. 

According to data from the National Observatory of Telecommunications and Information Society (ONTSI) electronic commerce in Spain in 2018 increased by 25% and is already exceeding 30,000 million euros in turnovers. However, in Spain there are between 75,000 and 100,000 technical jobs in the digital world that are not being covered to the day. This is alarming, as it means there is a lack of digital talent, which has grown to be a common issue in all companies, no matter they size or industry. 

Learning to develop applications and work in digital environments increases substantially the employability of any candidate. For this, Opinno imparted a training in order to form participants in the digital world and transform them into digital talent that can bring value to any organization. 

The development of mobile applications is one of the industry areas that has the greatest opportunities for digital talent. There are many ways to develop them, with different languages, platforms or frameworks, but the most appropriate means to perform a development is native. This is the process that was used throughout the training program. Native development englobes the use of languages and technologies offered by the operating system that is being programed, iOS native development is created using Swift and Objective-C languages. On the other hand, Android native development is made using Java as language. 

The main objectives for this training were focused on providing the attendants with the knowledge and skills necessary to build an application from scratch, without overlooking important aspects like accessibility, design, project management and collaborative/digital work. In order to reach those objectives, the course had four specific goals. The first one was to teach the participants how to create mobile applications for iOS and Android which goes in hand with the second one, build efficient communication systems from mobile devices. The third specific goal was for attendants to learn to work collaboratively with peers and trainers, using digital tools that facilitate the development of the program. And the fourth and last, to improve the interpersonal skills of the participants, giving them guidelines to prepare for their possible incorporation into the market.

To ensure the success of the training, Opinno´s teaching methodology was employed. We believe in: Challenged teaching: which entails that learning takes place when you have an interesting challenge to solve. Learning-by-doing: everything one learns is put into practice with an expert. Digital and collaborative environment: we simulate collaborative work environments that stimulates teamwork, in addition to showing and teaching participants the new ways of working in today's companies. And lastly, Digital tools: from day one we implement digital tools to improve communication, make effective presentations and speed up the development of projects.