A mobile loyalty point manager to get rid of plastic

These days the average person is packing so many loyalty cards they no longer fit in our pockets. It was about time then someone created a mobile application capable of containing them all. Opinno took up the mantle to help Smart Dreams Factory create a completely new product to challenge the former attempts at this corner of the market.

Opinno has developed Yudonpay for Smart Dreams Factory, a free app for iOs and Android that not only groups together all loyalty cards usefully but also provides real-time information about points, how and when they can be redeemed, as well as notifying users about promotions and discounts.

This platform allows the client to control, optimize and analyze all data relevant to loyalty cards converting the user in an autonomous manager who controls and synchronizes the points, offers and promotions of each card.

Simplicity of use and segmentation

Opinno sought to ensure that Yudonpay would have a user-friendly, modern design with instant access, ideal for any shopping situation. Among other features, Yudonpay incorporates basic promotions for each loyalty club, and also allows users to filter by age, city or more generally.

More than 200 loyalty clubs of well-known brands are now using the Yudonpay app, company such as VIPS Club, FNAC, Repsol Mas, My Carrefour, Ersoki Club, Club DIA, Abusuc, + Renfe, Decathlon, Cinescard, Travel Club, Cepsa and My ClubCaprabo.

The Smart Dreams Factory app also has a modular management system (backend), off limits to users, but allowing administrators to leverage data as well as manage promotions and offers to facilitate the management of the application.