This young enthusiast came to our office to share his research and findings, he has developed two innovative projects to help society and the human mind. Pablo spoke about the history of sleep and why it is crucial that we do it right. Forget hitting the snooze button, this is one of the worst mistakes you can make as you will be confusing the hormones. When you get a good night sleep, you are more productive, creative and have a better cognitive response. 

For years, Pablo has studied psychology and neuroscience in order to understand the brain and how to get it working at its best potential. Pablo created Smartsapiens, a platform to help spread the best tools you need to invest in your brain as well as to engage with people who want to learn more about the secrets of the mind and how to train it. 

As a society we have evolved tremendously, we are now capable to cure diseases that were once deadly, we have easy access to any knowledge and the technology advances are impressive. However, all this growth comes with a downside, nowadays, the statistics for depression, Alzheimer and sleeplessness. We have become more self-absorbed, putting our focus on the reality TV shows and glued to our smartphones for an insane number of hours. 

Humans are now focused on finding the shortcut to success rather than analyzing and digesting the information and opportunities that come our way. We are leaving few hours of our lives to finding creative solutions for the problems rising. This truth lead Pablo to design Smartsapiens. 

Another great project lead by this brilliant mind is Saturdays AI. A non- profit organization who´s mission it to empower individuals to learn Artificial Intelligence through and unconventional way. They have launched AI bootcamps several cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Tarragona, to impart education with the quality and thoroughness of the world’s best universities, and the impact of the best startups, reachable to everybody. The training consists on Coding 2 learn, where students will explore the foundations of machine-learning and deep-learning by coding exercises on GPU. Followed by Build 2 learn, where they can build end2end prototypes addressing a real problem with AI. To conclude, after completing the sessions, there is a presentation on Demo Day where partners and the AI community celebrates student´s project showcase and what they have accomplished.