MasMovil and Opinno have worked together to co-create this exciting development in mobile phone communication: an app which brings together all the disparate analogue functions of a mobile phone and integrates them on one digital platform.

A pragmatic response to market demand
What MasMovil had in mind was to offer their customers a service high on convenience but low on the time-sapping experiences of mobile phone history. So, no more standing in queues to charge up your phone and no more waiting on the end of a phoneline to enquire about bills or outstanding phone credit. This app needed to be quick and efficient, a solution to the customer’s perception of wasted time spent on the analogue experience.

Our challenge
At Opinno our team analyzed what the analogue points of reference were for customers using MasMovil’s service. Once we knew exactly what the nature of that contact was, we converted these services into a digital medium and an entirely autonomous service feature.

The architecture of information available to the customer through their point of contact with the company was the focus of our digital design. Not only customer experience was at the forefront of our considerations for this design, the company’s business objectives were also key. We needed a grand design that would comply with the rigours of the company’s all-round vision for the future.

At Opinno we applied our own methodology to develop the project using the scrum approach to agile software development, an approach which emphasizes collaboration, team self-management and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities. The fruit of this process was a first-version service which was then subject to a strategy we defined for Continuous Development. This means that the product is locked into a process of gradual and effective improvement after its market launch.

The widget
What Opinno came up with was a design for a multifunctional widget MasMovil could offer customers. The widget is an integrated experience in mobile-phone user management: it allows users to look up mobile-phone credit with ease and facilitates the purchase of 3G banks of data. What’s more, its biometric features give the user the peace of mind they need to do carry out transactions such as these while on the move.