From Opinno we made a trip to Silicon Valley that is the heart where the most disruptive innovation arises and originates at a dizzying pace.

This in-company-inspired trip was for the regional CEOs of the purchasing centers of a leading company in the industrial manufacturing sector, during which they learned about the concepts and best practices of the most relevant operators, from specialists in fresh products and organic products. and local, to the most disruptive technological concepts developed by Amazon.

Today San Francisco is the perfect place to do business – an economy driven by a dynamic consumer, a highly educated workforce, a population with needs ranging from everyday commons to extraordinarily sophisticated ones, and a city government expert in Support the beginnings of ideas and business to grow and prosper.

During the trip, the CEOs visited the mecha of entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and disruption to understand the new paradigm of Industry 4.0 and its impact on current business.

The objectives of the trip were to collect the actions and trends that are characterizing the North American market and the concepts of success that could be a source of inspiration for its application in the power plants.