We have designed an innovation training program to speed up the process of cultural transformation for a company in the energy sector.

It is important to highlight that the “Agile” work philosophy is opposed to the idea of “timing”. The work of employees and thus assessing their productivity and remuneration, which favors organization, unites the team to work in common and focuses about people.

The main objectives of the project focused on three distinct phases. First, we sought to understand what innovation methodologies consist of and how to apply them to an organization. We did this by adapting the best needs of the organization that were designed from the hands of the clients, contents, tools, and organization of the company.

Second, we wanted to learn to develop ideas centered around clients. We accomplished this through a 3 day training session (6 hours a day) that focused on methodologies and innovation tools. These tools were demonstrated through a learning by doing format, combining theory with practical exercises to establish knowledge.

Third, we wanted to promote cultural transformation in innovation. In this phase a final report was prepared in which a descriptive analysis of the development of the training was given and the results of each of the sessions were recorded.