Generating interest in an out-of-market product

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is a global showcase of technology products, as well as a meeting point to catalyze the formation of many of the alliances and partnerships that will shape the future of technology. Today, this is what it means to shape people’s lives.

This is why the Chinese firm Kistalk chose Opinno to generate a 48 hour action positioning a device with the final target market of Asia during the weekend leading up to MWC. And since Barcelona is a global industry meeting point, the impact of this action was able to have global impact. In fact, this action in Barcelona most likely generated more impact than if the action had been generated in Beijing, since this would only have positioned the product in the eastern market.

This action was devoted to planning and developing the communication strategy of a device called Q-Love, a revolutionary design product devised to bridge the generation gap between millenials and users less accustomed with the latest mobile communication technologies. 

With a delicate and functional design, Q-Love is a revolutionary product that is constructed with high quality materials that are defined by a new archetype of device: simplicity of use with connectivity and advanced features. It is not a user connectivity device, created for use in mobility, but it is a product devised from the concept of a traditional telephone, that is, in addition to its functionality, also a decorative product: its functionality is inseparable from its character of a household contraption.

Q-Love, with a wide-angle camera, is an extension and modernization of the concept of the classic phone, which has historically been used to overcome long distances to communicate with our loved ones (before the takeover of the mobile phone). Thanks to its camera and sophisticated system of microphones, it is ideal for videoconferencing with various family members from the old-style lounge/gathering area. Although many people who interact every day with modern communication technologies think that their use is completely universalized, in reality there are still many segments of the population that remain oblivious to internet connectivity, either due to a generational disconnect or because they live in geographical or social environments in which their use is not a daily necessity. These realities are more common in a continent such as Asia, which is precisely the target market of the product.

Obtaining feedback

Our job consisted of advertising Q-Love and its unique symbiosis between aesthetics, practicality and innovation in Spanish channels, as well as generating feedback for our client that could provide them with an idea of how potential users and specialists would accept their product.

For this, we organized an informal dinnerin the days leading up to MWC for the press, bloggers specializing in technology and an appropriate target audience. Our methodology for organizing this event included maintaining proactive contact with the communication channels, sending invitations and monitoring the impact of our efforts.

We were able to solicit the attendance of five specialized media channels, including PC of hand, in which we were also able to achieve impact in their publication. This was an outstanding achievement taking into account this product was not destined for the European market. Likewise, we also manage a publication analyzing the operation of the device in the prestigious MIT Technology Review, in its Spanish edition.