Digital therapies are transforming healthcare practices by allowing many medical treatments to be brought into the patient's home. These therapies are based on the use of technology to prevent, control and treat certain illnesses or pathologies. In this way, they make it possible to optimize medical care, improve medication adherence and, consequently, maximize health outcomes. Therefore, digital therapy provides evidence-based therapeutic procedures that are driven by high-quality software programs, can be integrated into devices such as smartphones or tablets, are subject to regulation by the authorities, and are compatible with medication administration. 

The digital therapeutics market is growing at a fast pace, particularly following the pandemic, when its potential to improve medical care in remote areas became evident. With this in mind, Vodafone Business and the DTx Consortiumhave joined forces to promote its implementation and for this purpose will create a Digital Therapies Think Tank to put into context its implementation in Spain, incorporating the perspectives of all the key players involved in its development and implementation and identifying its current and future challenges. 

In order to bring all the key players’ visions together, the Think Tank will be developed across three workshops, each of them led by a key industry player: users (patients), prescribers (healthcare professionals) and developers (industry). The aim is to delve into their different perspectives and come up with specific solutions to the barriers identified by each of them in the adoption of this type of therapies. The results of each workshop will be used to prepare a report that provides a complete perspective of the challenges facing digital therapies in our country and the actions to be taken to address them. 

The collaboration between Vodafone Business and the DTx Consortium represents an important step in the development of digital therapies in Spain. Both organizations are committed to working together to make progress in digital healthcare and improve the quality of life of patients in Spain.  

“Digitalization has revolutionized many industries in the last few years and digital therapies could mean the arrival of this revolution in the healthcare sector, which would improve the level of care, treatment accessibility and the quality of the system in general,” said one of the spokespersons of the DTx Consortium and director of Opinno Healthcare, Xavier Contijoch. 

“Driving the digitalization of major industries such as healthcare is in our DNA. We are convinced that digital therapies will play a major role in the field of digital health and that is why we hope that this partnership will serve to optimize medical care, especially in the most remote areas of our country,” added Daniel Jiménez, director of Vodafone Business in Spain.