Technology advances at such a speed that those companies that do not adapt to the new times and the needs of their customers will inevitably tend to disappear. It is imperative that companies define new strategies, new business models, and new ways of dealing with the external and internal customer to continue growing and evolving.

Digitization is not a thing of a generation, we all have access to new technology platforms and we are able to interact with people and companies around the world.

An important customer of the oil industry has decided to count on Opinno for the development of a training plan for its employees in basic concepts and tools of digitization and to teach the areas in order to improve their efficiency and positioning.

The design of the formative program consisted in understanding the needs of current employees and understanding in depth what kind of skills were needed to acquire.

Finally, the program consisted of training in the field of innovation methodologies. The formations had a boot camp format of 4-5 days and followed the learning by doing methodology that sought to land each theoretical content given with a practical part. In this way, the participants were able to tangibilize the methodologies when performing dynamics and exercises and internalize success stories and best practices of the market.

agile 2
The innovation methodologies that were explained were:

Design Thinking a methodology that focuses on the importance of identifying and understanding the user and their real needs through observation and interaction to generate a variety of solutions. It allows working from the challenge posed to the definition of the value proposition.

Lean Startup methodology that helps in the development of viable minimum products, prototypes and in the experimentation; and follows the stages of “building, measuring and learning”.

Agile philosophy Frames a set of principles on which to develop agile projects. The agile methodology most used is SCRUM.