We created a user segmentation model with the objective of selecting the digital channels that best promote the interest, engagement, and consumption of the current products of the training school.

Opinno has analyzed different reports and trends in the market to formulate hypotheses and behavior patterns with statistical data on consumer behavior, which we have analyzed in depth to determine different targets. In order to identify different targets we had to define archetypes and investigate the needs, characteristics, and limitations of people to finally identify our target.

This process was divided into two main phases of field work and analysis of data. In the phase of field work, we contacted the public and obtained information through the creation of a focus group and interviews from a representative population sample defined after the segmentation process.

In the phase of analysis of data, we looked at the data from focus group and located the qualitative variable that were of the greatest interest to the study. Using these variables we developed our first hypothesis of archetypes, which was further solidified after more in depth interviews.

At the end of all the interviews, all the data was studied the hypothesis was further refined and the archetypes became definitive. The end of this process resulted in a greater knowledge of the client and a specific content plan that allowed the client to attract students to the training school.