When thinking of history and the industries that have helped shape society and impulse development by innovation, we cannot overlook the oil industry. This huge commerce has guided the way we experience the world today.

They power everything we need to make our lives better and be more productive in every field. As this was one of the first sectors to establish companies, they tend to maintain their traditional models and ways of working. 

Due to the fast pace of innovation, these companies have been forced to change their ways in order to compete in the market providing their customers the best products and services. One of the biggest companies in the oil sector, has encountered a major issue, they have acknowledged that for them to continue to grow and evolve it's crucial that they undergo a cultural transformation.

To drive their organization through this journey, they have partnered with Opinno to be prepared for the innovative changes for 2030. To carry out this transformation, Opinno has put together a Digital Transformation Team to promote and implement the change of mindset among their employees.  

The cultural transformation seeks to change the approach of a traditional company and take it to a digital environment with modern methodologies. To achieve this goal, there are a series of initiatives to implement throughout 2019. When performing the cultural transformation, actions need to be prioritized. The main action responsible of connecting the five years the strategic action plan is Digital Lovers. The objective of this action is to position digital lovers’ ambassadors at full length in the organization to spread the digital transformation knowledge.  

The digital lover’s strategy consists on selecting a hundred people of the organization without previous preparation and giving them a digital exploration kit. In this box they will find special tools to make the digital transformation viral.

Digital lovers Opinno
Furthermore, a dynamic game was created, in the box there was a lanyard with a QR code and when scanned, information would be dispersed and give that person points. Opinno created a web to rank the participants so that everyone could see their position. It is intended that the digital lovers’ waves are repetitive as new players would come from the last players that participated. Digital lovers is a way of scattering the digital transformation, more so like a game of freeze tag. 

In parallel, several actions have been put in place to help achieve the cultural transformation, like Hands On, an activity were employees can see how a digital transformation team tackles the problems working with the Agile Methodology. Another action that has been implemented are the doughnut breakfasts, where a member of the transformation team will bring a box of doughnuts to a specific floor to share with the employees and use that time to explain projects and pieces of the digital transformation. 

The success of the cultural transformation consists on following three stages. The first one belongs to the definition of the plan and the actions roadmap. The second phase is to process and prioritize. And the final stage is to execute each action like the digital lovers.