The world is experiencing an increasingly accelerated change, where technology, innovation, agility and communication are key to the survival and competitiveness of companies How long have you not used the phone book to contact a company? When was the last time you bought a paper newspaper or sent a letter? Like technology, marketing has evolved very fast in recent decades, where communication schemes evolve while modifying the behavior of consumers or users.

As in the rest of the areas of the company, the technology within marketing has favored the emergence of new channels that provide a greater scope and that expand the different possibilities of content transmission according to the life cycle of the client and the product, which supposes an improvement of the ROI of the campaigns.

A major plastics company engaged in B2B sales had the challenge of designing a new digital marketing strategy to reach B2C consumers. The main objective of this project was to boost sales through the optimization of digital channels, defining the appropriate strategy for the positioning of the brand both in the own media and in the means of payment.

Our team of consultants began their work with an analysis of the positioning of the competitors in the different channels and their messages, and finally the strategy and action plan was defined both for own means and for means of payment.

Based on the action plan, the implementation of the own resources was carried out, through the design and creation of the content for its implementation, together with the monitoring of the KPIs that guaranteed the greatest impact of each one of the Actions. The actions included the SEO optimization of the web and the blog, the creation and launching of 1 post per social network per day, also the creation and launching of 1 post on the blog per week and finally the creation and launch of 1 post of newsletter

Digital marketing allows to significantly increase sales of the company since the potential customers of most of the organizations are in the digital world.