Photo: Building agents of change with an innovating program. Credit: Unsplash.

At this point, governments began to focus on mechanization, research labs, patents as an element of economic advantage. Innovators were regarded as vital players in social, economic, and political spheres. The concept of change, which once was seen as an obstacle to growth, was suddenly transformed to an instrument of growth.

The Process

Opinno has always been supporter of change as a way of development. With many years of experience in training and support within the cultural, digital and technological transformation of companies. With this spirit in mind Opinno collaborated with one of the biggest construction companies in the world in order to create a community of innovators who are transforming the organization from within. This was achieved by building a multidisciplinary training program that would generate well- rounded promoters and activators of change. The program consisted of 1) training these promoters in innovation methodologies, 2) development of leadership capacities, and 3) the augmentation of their digital and technological capabilities. 

The main objective of the program was for participants not only to acquire knowledge, but also realize the potential of technology and innovation as their best allies. Innovation was necessary in the digital transformation and the development of new business models within the company. The learning methodology developed by Opinno is based on the principle of learning by doing, with practical training sessions that allow participants to learn through co-creation and teamwork. Every session is an immersive, dynamic and motivating experience.

Digital training technological capabilities 
Opinno has its own Framework, which includes the following methodologies that can help companies create, develop and test new products, services, processes and business models. The training sessions on innovation trends, Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies addressed various challenges of both the company and the sector. With the mentorship training, members acquired the skills and methodologies necessary in order to perform reverse mentoring processes. This way they were not only trained in the theory and practice of the process, but also in the development of soft skills that help establish a fluid relationship between mentors and mentees.

The Result

With this training program, Opinno has brought to the organization the key technological knowledge, as well as the interaction with the current innovation technologies to provide the company with the necessary information to activate their transformation.