There is a new generation of Argentine innovators, researches and entrepreneurs and Opinno is thrilled to join them in all areas related to Science and Technology, from Biotechnology and Medicine, to Electronic Hardware, Energy, Internet, Software, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Nanotechnology and Materials.

MIT Technology Spanish Edition has worked for the past six years with Latin American innovators and entrepreneurs, running the Under 35 Innovators Awards. During this ceremony and in the magazine published by Opinno, 10 ingenious projects that aim to change the world are given exposure and recognition to investors and like-minded innovative thinkers on a huge stage.

November 19th in Argentina is a day dedicated to innovators as it’s been declared Day of the Entrepreneur. Argentina’s mindset as a country is progressive and revolutionary, which is why Oppino sees a great opportunity in entering the Argentinian market. According to Oxford Business Group’s 2018 report on Argentina, “Investments in R&D and innovation have been on the rise in Argentina, driven largely by a greater commitment to the development sector.” In 2007, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation was created, thus demonstrating an evolving commitment to science and technology.

Buenos Aires is considered a regional hub for entrepreneurship in Latin America. Native Argentine and CEO and founder of Cmax, Nicolás García Mayor, spoke on Argentina’s new policies that foster social innovation and technological innovation at Washington DC’s Forum on Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation. He spoke on the reality that Argentina has a large population of people living in poverty, yet he believes when creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking are encouraged by the people and the government, Argentine society can innovate and transform. Mayor hopes to, “connect and inspire the future generation of leaders in the Americas,” with Argentina as the regional hub for entrepreneurship.

Deputy Chief of Mission from the Embassy of Argentina, Gerry Bartolome, also spoke at the 2018 forum on the benefits of entrepreneurship in Argentina stating,

“Entrepreneurs generate incredible economic value and are key drivers in creating employment from their creativity and talent. They are transforming the Argentine economy.”

Furthermore, Buenos Aires has a large consumer market that is open to innovation and digitization. The technology and design revolution in Argentina has made for a booming consumer market. Companies like Telefonica, Deloitte, and Nokia with a presence in Argentina are further pushing this movement, and now Opinno’s team of innovative consultants will join in to encourage digital and cultural transformations among Latin American businesses the way they have in Spain. Opinno will similarly work with university students, running innovative workshops to spark creativity and design thinking.

Our mission as a global consultancy is to support companies around the world. As an efficient, agile, and resilient company, Opinno is eager to bring the Opinno way Argentina’s way.


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